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Learning together with our colleagues. 
Working together for our patients.



August 7-11, 2024

Westin and Sheraton Resorts

Carlsbad, CA


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American Retina Forum

The American Retina Forum strives to keep retina specialists constantly learning from each other in real time so we can better take care of our patients.

We do this by providing a way for doctors to discuss difficult or interesting cases, surgical techniques, and the practice of retina free from outside influence.

New Retinal Physician is the official publication of the American Retina Forum. To read the most recent articles click here

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Young Retina Forum

It was February 21st 2015.  Another windy Saturday in Oklahoma City.  As the only retina fellow at the Dean McGee Eye Institute, I found myself swamped with a variety of emergent patients - there were 5 back-to-back retinal detachments and 2 endophthalmitis cases. After the tornado settled (yes, a Tornado Alley pun), I found myself calling my "Retina Big Brothers" across the country to get their opinions and thoughts.  That night, I created the "Young Retina Forum" - a judgement-free WhatsApp group where I could discuss cases with trusted peers in a concise and safe platform.  Over the past few years, with Mitul Mehta's leadership and your support, we have grown into the American Retina Forum. 

The YRF serves a "talking head free zone" where retina specialists who have been in practice for fewer than 10 years can ask each other questions without fear of judgement from the more established opinion leaders. We have a constant stream of discussion on the social media app Telegram that is by invitation only. The theory is that a friend of my friend is also my friend. We have robust discussions that are honest and respectful. The goal is to take better care of our patients by bringing the knowledge of our entire community in real time. Welcome to the Retina Safe Space and lets grow together!

-  Hemang K. Pandya, MD

   Dallas Retina Center

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